On-site medical examinations in Nottingham and the East Midlands

Visit out medical professional for your next exam

Central Helicopters offers medical examinations for Class 2 and LAPL Certificates. Whether you are a helicopter pilot, or fixed wing, our highly-experienced aeromedical specialist can conduct your exam.  

While we cater predominantly for helicopter pilots, we are just as able to provide medical certificates for fixed wing pilots. Our Aeromedical Examiner (AME) has a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing both Class 2 Medical Certifcates and LAPL Certificates.


Central Helicopters has a specialist AME. Dr Paddy Yeoman is an Authorised Medical Examiner (AME) and qualified to carry out EASA Class 2 and LAPL pilot medicals, as well as medicals for commercial cabin crew.

He is also a Medical Declaration Advisor for the National Private Pilot Medical system, offering advice to pilots and GPs in difficult cases.

He is a hospital consultant specialising in anesthesia and intensive care. Although he is not a cardiologist, the CAA have authorised him to over read ECGs in cases where the computer read has falsely suggested a problem.



Why do I need a medical examination?

A medical certificate is a standard requirement if you are going to fly a helicopter or fixed wing. In order to receive this, you will need to undergo a medical examination.

How long do these certificates last?

Depending on your age, your aviation medical certificate will be valid for 12 to 60 months.

What type of medical certificates does Central Helicopters provide?

Central Helicopters provides Class 2 Medical Certificates and LAPL Certificates.

How long will the examination take?

The medical examination could take several hours.

What to take to your AME appointment

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you will need to bring your most recent optician’s report.You will be asked to provide a sample of urine, so ideally you should arrive at the examination with a full bladder. Our AME will be able to help you with any additional individual preparations you need to make before your appointment.

What to expect at your examination

At the examination you will need to complete the medical certificate application form. This is a signed declaration containing the following:

  • Facts about your medical history, including family history

  • Whether you have had a medical examination before, by whom and the result

  • Whether you have ever been assessed as unfit or had a medical certificate suspended or revoked

The examination will include some or all of the following:

  • Medical history

  • Eyesight

  • Physical examination

  • Hearing

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  • Lung function test

  • Urine test

Certificate issue

A medical certificate can be issued on the same day as the examination if all the requirements are met. If the requirements are not met or further investigations are necessary, then a decision on your fitness for a medical certificate will take longer. Further information.

For more detailed information on the examination, contact Central Helicopters on 01664 823846.