private pilots licence - PPL(H)

Once you have experienced a trial lesson and decided you would like to pursue flight training further, why not obtain your own licence? This will allow you to fly throughout Britain and even Europe if you are adventurous enough. You will be able to hire aircraft from us and other operators and even take your family and friends for flights. There are many airfields throughout the UK and numerous hotels, restaurants and country houses with helicopter landing sites. Your choice for a weekend away is almost unlimited and what better way to arrive at your destination. Your own licence is also a gateway of learning to fly larger and more advanced helicopters if you wish.

The mandatory minimum flight hours for the issue of a PPL(H) is 45 hours flight time of which 25 must be dual instruction and 10 must be supervised solo time. Of these 10 hours solo, 5 hours must be navigational training including a navigational exercise of at least 100 nautical miles. The 45 hours are split up into 27 different exercises. On completion of all the flight training you will be required to pass a skills test with our CAA approved Flight Examiner.